ON SEPTEMBER 25, 2015, DANCERS GIVE BACK DONATED A CHECK IN THE AMOUNT OF $40,000 TO MICAELA'S ARMY, WHICH WAS THEN DONATED TO Dr. Kenneth Chen's project. Dr. Kenneth Chen is an Assistant Instructor, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas Texas. Dr.Chen's project is Replacement therapy for miRNA-impaired Wilms tumors. Wilms tumors is the most common pediatric kidney cancer and the third most common solid tumor in childhood.  
*** Dancers give back dallas is currently in the process of solidifying our donation for the 2018/2019 year.  
‚Äčon june 9, 2014, dancers give back wrote a check in the amount of $14,000.00 to micaela's army, which  was then donated to dr. theodore laetsch md, university of texas southwestern medical center/children's medical center, dallas.  this clinical trial combines targeted therapy for pediatric and young adult patients with refractory germ cell tumors.  
ON SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 Dancers Give Back Dallas donateD $40,000 to Micaela's Army Foundation from our January event. In total the foundation was able to make a donation of $60,000 to help the following 3 programs.
- Dr. Samuel Johns, UT Southwestern Medical Center, supporting research program: Targeting LILRB4 by Car-T Cells for treatment of AML Leukemia, $24,000.00
- Dr. Naomi Winick, UT Southwestern Medical Center, supporting research program: Brain Injury in Childhood Pediatric Cancer Patients, $24,000.00.
- Dr. James Amatruda, UT Southwestern Medical Center, donating research lab freezer, $12,000.00.

The Story

Micaela White

In December 2010, Micaela White, from Plano, TX, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. On August 17, 2011, this amazing, beautiful girl was taken from us at the age of 18. This tremendous loss led me to Ali Dietz and her mother, Mary Alice Dietz. They had experienced a similar loss of their close friend, Jacquie Hirsch, and therefore, started an organization called Dancers Give Back, based out of Buffalo, New York. The organization was founded 10 years ago, and the success and camaraderie it has brought to the community has been overwhelming.

To this date, Dancers Give Back BUFFALO has donated more than $502,000 within their community to provide support to cancer patients and their families as well as cancer research being done at Roswell Cancer institute in buffalo, new york, where jacquie hirsch was treated.  After the success of the event in Buffalo, we wantED to expand our community to other parts of the nation with the first stop in Dallas, Texas.  Our first event took place
 January 4-5, 2014, which consisted of master classes, Q&A sessions, lectures, a silent auction of donated gifts, as well as a performance Saturday evening. The event was held at Bishop Lynch High School in DALLas, Texas,  open to all dancers 12 years old and up (including working professionals). We are fortunate to have raised $27,000 our first season.  YEARS TO FOLLOW dancers give back dallas HAS BEEN able TO DONATE JUST OVER $40,000.00 EACH YEAR.  this years event is scheduled for january 3-4, 2020.  DANCE INDUSTRY PERFORMING ARTS CENTER IS HOUSING THE EVENT THIS YEAR IN THEIR new FACILITy.  

Our faculty is comprised oF teachers FROM THE TEXAS AREA, as well as talent from LOS ANGELES AND NEW YORK.  Aside from master classes we hold a silent auction that span's from convention tuition to sports tickets to broadway show tickets.  This project is monumental to us and we would love to see the Texas dance community come together. 

100% of the proceeds from this event will go directly to micaela's army foundation for cancer research in pediatric, adolescent and young adult cancers and to help support cancer patients and their families. Let us unite, give back, and "dance" toward a cure.  

Dancers Give Back (DGB) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

on july 9, 2014, dancers give back wrote a check in the amount of $7,000.00 to micaela's army, which was then  donated to the bereavement care program at children's hospital in ft. worth.  this particular program helps siblings and parents who have lost a child to cancer.